The Current Gun Control Debate is Embarrassing

If you listen to gun lobbyists and crazy people on the internet who love guns like they once loved their wives, you’d think there were two options: 1. Everyone Has a Gun If They Want or 2. Liberals Take All of Our Guns and We Are All Defenseless Against Criminals and Tyranny. They will tell you that the risk of massacre anytime anywhere is worth the Freedom of Owning a Gun.

Anyone who tells you they feel free because they can kill anyone at any time should be assumed to be a psychopath, because it is psychopathic. 

Considering the gun lobby's supposed acceptance of preventing the mentally ill from owning guns, you'd think they'd keep a tighter lid on these feelings, but they will say that any time, like it's the most natural thing in the world. Imagine being so unselfconscious. It truly must feel like freedom!

The ironic thing about the gun lobby is that while they deal entirely in fear, they don’t fear the havoc they actually wreak. They do not fear mass shootings, they welcome the opportunity to one day be in one, and save everyone using their sweet little gun. They fantasize about it. You’ve heard them. It’s sick. Why do we let the people who dream like children of shooting bad guys and the people who make money off selling guns to those creeps make the rules about who can own guns? 

Let sane people make decisions about gun control.